The Mammals, an Americana Quintet from Woodstock, New York, perform Saturday, May 5, for Freshwater's final concert of the season.

Every time The Mammals take the stage there is something real at stake. Maybe it's the risk-hungry spirit that the band's songwriters Mike Merenda and Ruth Ungar adopted through their youthful theater training, or maybe it's that fiercely authentic, music-as-mission mindset learned from their elders. This folk music is not about suspenders and whiskey, although those are both beautiful things. The Mammals come to change the world, to connect timid generations, heal sore hearts, and enchant tired minds, one soulful, joyful show at a time.

Unless you're one of those people who prefers politics and entertainment served separately, The Mammals' holistic approach to life and music is refreshing. Their songs and stage banter are 100% down to earth, they tour as a family, and they produce a community music festival near their home in Woodstock, NY twice a year called "The Hoot". We hope to see you as we close out another season at Freshwater.

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Bright As You Can    On My Way Home    Rock On Little Jane

Remember to bring an item for our food pantry collection box.

Tickets are $30 in advance.

Call to reserve 231-582-2588.

Big Thank You from the crew at Freshwater:
Robin, Ruby, Deb, Jarod, Dan, Crystal, Liz, Sal, Michael, Homer and Tony