Hi Everyone,

Many years ago, in a past life I was pulled over by a Georgia State Police officer. I was heading home to Michigan from Everglade City, Florida with some square groupers in the trunk of my Volvo. I was scared. He wanted to know what I did up in Michigan. I blurted out "I swim! We're great swimmers, we live on the Great Lakes." I'm standing there thinking "Why in the hell did I say that." The officer says "You swim...?" Then we got into a ten minute conversation about the people of the Great Lakes being Great Swimmers....I know Wierd. When I asked him if Georgia boys were good swimmers his reply was "We don't swim much. We got gators." He told me to enjoy my trip home. I drove off with the wonderful feeling that the Great Lakes had just saved me from ten years on a Georgia chain gang.

Being a Great Lakes boy, when one of our season pass holders told me to check out this band "Great Lake Swimmers" I was intrigued to say the least. We love this band. They hail from Toronto up on Lake Ontario. Check 'em out.

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Come give them a warm welcome from the Lake Michigan side.

Thanks from the crew at Freshwater
Robin, Ruby, Dan, Crystal, Michael, Homer and Tony