Hi Everybody,

Willie Nile is a New York City treasure. He was here two years ago. We're lucky to have him back. Here's what they are saying:

His album "American Ride" won "Best Rock Album of the Year" at the Independent Music Awards.

BONO called this album "One of the great guides to unraveling the mystery that is the troubled beauty of America."

His album "If I Was A River" .."One of the most brilliant singer-songwriters of the past thirty years"...THE NEW YORKER

His album "Streets of New York".. BBC RADIO called it "The rock "n" roll album of the year"

His album "World War Willie" was voted "Album Of The Year" by TWANGVILLE MAGAZINE

"Willie Nile is a great artist. If there was any justice in this world, I'd be opening for him instead of him for me".... Lucinda Williams

We love him. Hope you join us in welcoming him back to the Freshwater Stage.

Thanks from the Freshwater crew,
Robin, Ruby, Liz, Deb, Dan, Michael, Homer, and Tony

Check out some Willie you tubes...

"American Ride" - "When Levon Sings" - Interview

Willie's website